Renovating Abandoned Houses in Italy: A YouTube Watchlist

Here is a YouTube Watchlist about renovating and restoring ruined houses in Italy. Please feel free to comment which project is your favorite and why. I will add more to this list as I discover more YouTube channels, please comment any suggestions below and share this post with family and friends. One day I want to do my own house renovation project in Italy, it’s going to take some years to be able to afford it, but once I’m there I would like to share my journey, just like all these people here.

atelier mavi

Renovating an abanboned stone house in Italy

Villa Oliva

Our story chronologically
A summary

Raising Voyagers

Home Renovation in the Italian Alps

Martijn Doolaard – Life at the cabin

Life at the cabin

Stories from the cascina

Our Italian Dream House

Villa Aroldi – An Italian House Restoration

Kylie Flavell – Renovating a Ruin in Tuscany

Nicki Positano


borgo baroti

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