Common signs of a food intolerance

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The symptoms of a food intolerance have a wide range from gut/digestive issues to skin conditions. As the reaction to the problematic food can be delayed up to a few days while the symptoms could be mild, therefor it can be very tricky to identify that a food intolerance is the cause of the problems and which food triggered the reactions. Without knowing that there is a cause for the symptoms, you might just think that it is normal to feel a slight discomfort all the time.

Common symptoms include:

  • rash, hives
  • acne
  • itching
  • stomach pain
  • bloating
  • flatulence
  • diarrhea
  • low fever
  • headache
  • exhaustion
  • brain fog
  • grogginess

You’re not supposed to feel bad, energyless and/or uncomfortable all the time, even if you gotten used to it, it shouldn’t be normal. The first steps are noticing what foods cause you harm and should be avoided to live a happier, healthier and more comfortable life with lots of energy.

I do not guarantee that the above information is correct or complete, please do further research and speak to a doctor for more information.

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