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Welcome to my new website! First I started a free blog, then after two weeks I decided to not wait any longer and get my own domain, with this I also had to get a paid hosting, after doing some research I decided to get a domain from namecheap and hosting from dreamhost, they are the most economic in my opinion. It was a bit of a learning curve with connecting the nameserver and hosting, but I got it done at the end. Having different nameserver and host does make it more difficult, but I wanted to spend as little as possible. And get a yearly plan, the monthly costs double. If you’re looking at different hosts always check the cost for the second year, also domain is only free the first year, after that it can get expensive and transferring the domain name costs, that’s why I decided to go to namecheap immediately. If you’re thinking about getting hosting from dreamhost, I don’t think you really need the paid dreamshield option, it’s only a weekly scan, you can get multiple free security plugins and you do need more than one, as they all have different strengths. I think I have too many at the moment, but I can’t decide which one I don’t need. If you’re installing wordpress on your website, sucuri security is one of the must haves. Everything with wordpress is a learning curve, as there are millions of plugins and with a free theme the options are limited, but try to work with a free one first, if you want to go low budget.

So, I’m slowly getting everything in order and there is a lot more content coming soon!

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