If it was just gluten, it would be easier… – Life with multiple food intolerances

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Only being gluten free would be a dream. I wish I didn’t have any other dietary restrictions. Eating out would be so much easier, I just could eat at any gluten free and celiac safe place. But having also many other dietary restrictions makes it almost impossible to eat out anywhere. Being able to eat a gluten free croissant would be a dream. But I can’t, they contain butter and I’m intolerant to dairy.

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I’ve been celiac my whole life, but I didn’t know. Late diagnosis has left me with a very sensitive and damaged gut. So now I not only have celiac disease, but also IBS and many food intolerances like nuts, seeds, soy dairy and egg intolerance, and more.

Other celiacs, without other dietary restrictions, have it so much easier, they can eat basically everything that’s gluten free. That’s not me I can hardly eat anything processed labeled gluten free, all these products end up containing other ingredients I react to, like: soy, dairy, eggs, maize or pea protein.

I’ve seen gluten free bakeries hiding the ingredients of their gluten free flours, which is not really helpful, thanks I will never ever consider eating there! Since gluten free flour is just a mix of many different ingredients it’s important to let customers know what’s in them, like cassava flour can be a problem with IBS, pea protein can be a problem with people who react to peanut and some people have issues tolerating corn I have some minor issues tolerating corn, but haven’t figured out how bad it is yet, cornmeal is worse than cornstarch, I think I can handle small quantities, but wouldn’t use it at home. But definitely no corn containing pasta and sadly the mainstream gluten free pasta is a mix of rice and corn, so I will never eat gluten free pasta anywhere but at home, but since I can’t have dairy it’s safer anyway.

I have hope that in a few years maybe my gut will heal and I can tolerate more foods again. No matter what I will be gluten free for life, but being able to eat out and be able to actually eat at gluten free places would be amazing. Restaurants still lack allergen labeling! Why can’t they just label properly, vegan, vegetarian and gluten free is not enough! No allergen labeling is a no-go! If they have proper allergen labels I will only have to worry about the ingredients that aren’t on the allergen list, because my food intolerances go beyond the top food allergens… Restaurants with full ingredient disclosure on their website are the best! The only thing they have to do is offer more allergen free food!

I’ve come a long way to accept that I’m just gonna stick to my homemade food, I continue to remove irritating foods from my diet and develop more recipes, so that I can enjoy all the foods everyone else is eating. I’ve recently stumbled upon the animal based diet and I find the information very helpful, so I’ve left the idea of a plant based diet behind me, I used to gravitate towards that, but then I had to cut soy and legumes, so I kept eating chicken. Now I’m slowly gravitating towards animal based, because all those things make sense for my body.

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